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Get A Free Customer Service Rep for a Month

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Our reps have a 94% retention rate

Scaling A Remote Customer Service Team is Hard. For You.

But not for us. Here at Frontier, we've spent the past seven years, with feet on the ground in actual offices, using our own recruiters on college campuses to screen and hire the best international talent there is.


Frontier has outperformed every international agency we've worked with. They've reduced our cost per ticket by 42% while improving our NPS.


VP of Customer Service -- 24 Frontier Reps


There is no cost to recruit or for a placement fee. You’re  charged a markup on the monthly salary


We manage all your foreign payroll compliance


You’ll get the chance to vet every rep before they’re hired


All our reps work on U.S. hours and speak perfect English


We have 95 employees on the ground in India and in the Philippines


Our full-time employees attend recruitment fairs to find the best talent

The Type of Support We Offer

All the talent we bring you has worked in support roles before. They're used to working across different channels. Here's what we typically cover.

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All our reps work on U.S. hours and speak perfect English

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They can be fully integrated into whatever SMS platform you're using



We have reps that can handle live chat across ZenDesk, Hubspot, Intercom or whatever else you use

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If you need people to handle video calls, we can find you reps that are happy to be face to face with your customers

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Everyone's written English is probably as good as yours :)

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Social Media

Whatever you need promoted or written or managed or responded to, just let us know

How it Works

The big difference here is that you're doing the final interview of each rep you hire. You let us know what you're looking for, we match you with candidates that we think are a fit, and you conduct the final interviews yourself. You'll probably accept 70% of the candidates we put in front of you.

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Day 01

You let us know the job requirements and your interview availability

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Day 02

We locate the perfect candidates for you, schedule the interviews and send you the screening materials

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Day 03

After the interviews, we gather to discuss your thoughts

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Day 04

Once we've found candidates you like, we'll send over a contract for you to sign

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Day 05

We will then extend an offer to the candidate

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Day 06

You'll do whatever you need to do to prep for onboarding (HR, Materials, Start Date, Team Intros)

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Day 07

Fully integrate the new rep(s) into your team and start to scale your support

The Companies We Typically Recruit Our Talent From


How We Stack Up Against Everyone Else

All outsourcing isn't equal. At Frontier, our goal is to help you build teams that feel like they're internal. Out of all the models we've tested over the past seven years, there's one specific model that has lead to attracting higher quality talent for the long run.


What People Say About Us
(They Say Good Things)


Josh and Lizzie connected me with a talented designer right away. The team is incredibly responsive and helpful, going above and beyond to make sure our objectives and timelines are always met for projects of all sizes. Ramp-up time was practically zero, allowing us to hit the ground running

Laurel Ackerman


Scale Your Team The Right Way

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