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We screen better

We find you the best candidates in the world. Having gone head to head with other firms, we're confident in our ability to recruit better talent than anyone else out there. (3) (1).png

How we screen better?

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Every candidate submits videos to our team.

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We disqualify 99% of applicants, giving you the top 1% of candidates.

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Then there’s a written round, a verbal round, and even a specialized skillset assessment round if you need, where we can test for IQ, math skills, or reasoning. (2) (1).png

The talent reports directly to you


​Outsourced BPOs never work as well as your domestic team. Having tested our model over many iterations, we’ve found that the most effective solution is having the talent fully integrate into your culture and processes.


In addition, BPOs will charge you extra for managing the employees, and you'll also be paying for the ineffective managers that come along with the BPO. In doing so, you end up double-paying for low-quality execution.


Our international team will match your domestic team’s performance


We only hire the best

That's right. Here at Frontier, we have high expectations. And you should too. We only hire the best. The people you hire through us should be held to the same standards as your domestic team. NPS? Tickets Solved? Calls Dialed? Treat your international team exactly like you’d treat your domestic one, and watch them grow.

How it works

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01. We meet with your team

We meet with your team to understand your company culture and structure. We’ll only look for talent that perfectly fits with the people you already love working with the most.

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03. We send you video interviews to review

No need to waste your time with people who aren’t a fit. We’ll send you videos of the people we screened, which you can review yourself before meeting with anyone.

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05. Hire your favorites without a placement fee

Hire your favorites without a placement fee. We don’t charge anything for placing candidates. That’s right. No placement fee at all.

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02. We quickly screen resumes

For each role, we read through hundreds of resumes, and give you only the top 1% of candidates.

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04. We schedule interviews on your calendar

Usually, within 48 hours of us receiving a job brief we’ll schedule candidate interviews directly on your calendar.

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06. You pay us their salaries directly

The employee is legally ours and on our books, but reports fully into your internal team. And you can scale up or down — hire and fire as fast as you need.


Our talent is the best you can possibly find

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Everyone speaks perfect English.

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Each person can work on your local time zone.

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They've all passed verbal and math exams, when applicable.

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Everyone's video has been screened by a real human on our team. (1).png (2) (1).png

How we hire the top 1%

Resume Screen

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Only ⅕ of candidate resumes make
it through.


Video Screen

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Around ⅓ of these candidates have
video resumes we like.


Written English

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And only ⅓ of these candidates have
perfect written English.


Live Interview

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And only ½ of those candidates are
awesome when we meet with them


Client Final Rounds

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By the time our candidates get to you, 2/3 of them will exceed your expectations and receive offers.


We Treat Our
Employees Ethically

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It matters how you treat the people
you employ.

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At Frontier we always: (4).png
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Keep track of the skills that our
talent cares about.

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Pay above market.

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Partner with you to build promotion
paths that make sense for your
own company’s org structure and
retention goals.

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