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Hire Remote Customer Service Talent That’s Twice as Good for Half The Price


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A Case Study with  MakeSpace

MakeSpace is a venture-backed on-demand storage company that makes it easy for you to store and pick up your personal belongings.

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What they tested


Initial Problem: We came to Frontier because we were experiencing a high cost to serve our customers on the support side. We wanted to go off-shore but were nervous about potentially hurting our customer experience. Additionally, we didn't know how to handle the training, hiring, and compliance. 


Before Frontier: We tried working with two other BPOs over six months. One was a venture-backed startup and another was a traditional, established BPO. Both of those entities couldn't find talent that executed well and none of the talent they found ending up retaining.

What We Were Testing: Overall, we were looking for a company that could help us keep our cost-per-ticket solved low, while also keeping both our NPS and our team's support rep retention rate high.

The numbers


Initial Results: We knew that we had found the right partner from day one. Where other vendors had management teams that took a ton of our time in meetings that seem to go nowhere, Frontier's team was lean and direct, proving to be a better partner within the first week.

The Results: Frontier's team of support reps were able to beat out the CSAT and NPS scores of not only the two other teams we tested but even that of our own internal team. Those higher scores, combined with a much lower cost-per-ticket solved rate made the decision a no-brainer.

In addition, Frontier was able to keep seats filled. They had a 92% retention rate which blew the other providers out of the water.

Case Study

We’re good at
our job

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Resumes Screened
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Interviews Scheduled

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How it Works

Why we exist?

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01. We meet with your team

We meet with your team to understand your
company culture and structure. We’ll only look
for talent that perfectly fits with the people you
already love working with the most.

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01. We quickly screen resumes

We quickly screen resumes for each role, we read
through hundreds of resumes, we also thoroughly
check each resume. and only gives you the top
1% of candidates.

How it works

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01. We meet with your team

We meet with your team to understand your company culture and structure. We’ll only look for talent that perfectly fits with the people you already love working with the most.

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03. We send you video interviews to review

No need to waste your time with people who aren’t a fit. We’ll send you video interviews of the people we screened, which you can review yourself before meeting with anyone.

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05. Hire your favorites without a placement fee

Hire your favorites without a placement fee. We don’t charge anything for placing candidates. That’s right. No placement fee at all.

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02. We quickly screen resumes

For each role, we read through hundreds of resumes, and give you only the top 1% of candidates.

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04. We schedule interviews on your calendar

Usually, within 48 hours of us receiving a job brief we’ll schedule candidate interviews directly on your calendar.

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06. You pay us their salaries directly

The employee is legally ours and on our books, but reports fully into your internal team. And you can scale up or down — hire and fire as fast as you need.

How it Works

Why Us?

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Outsourced solutions like Upwork and BPOs give you low-quality talent that doesn't last.

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Your in-house recruiting team isn’t fast enough.

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And external recruiters and agencies are too

Why Us?

How we stack up

We treat our employees fairly, pay above market, and constantly receive feedback from our
talent about the companies and environments in which they work.

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What customers say
about us


Ryan Smith

Leaflink, CEO

We’ve looked at Upwork, TopTal, Fiverr nothing comes close to Frontier.
Here at Leaflink, we care that our employees feel cared for, whether
they’re domestic, or remote. Frontier did just that. We’ve worked with
them for 3 years and as we’ve grown from 10 to over 100 employees,
Frontier has supported us every step of the way.


Sarah Haselkorn

MakeSpace, VP Sales & Customer Support

We tried working with three different BPOs over six months. Frontier
outperformed everyone by a landslide. Frontier was the only
company to keep seats filled and match our on-shore CSAT scores.
They even navigated a complex merger with us without skipping
a beat.

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